Please note that our room rates are based on an hourly and minute prorated basis with a minimum of 1 hour of usage. Any increments of time used that goes beyond your original hourly reservation will continue to be charged by the minute until your party has completely vacated the karaoke room.

Hour of Operation

  Open Close
Monday 6 pm 2 am
Tuesday 6 pm 2 am
Wednesday 6 pm 2 am
Thursday 6 pm 2 am
Friday 5 pm 3 am
Saturday  5 pm 3 am
Sunday 5 pm 2 am

Bellevue Regular Hourly Rates

  Sunday thru Thursday Fri & Sat or day before a holiday
Small Room w/ up to 7 people
(1 Hour Minimum)
$33/ hour + tax $40/ hour + tax
(Additional $5/hour charge for 8+ ppl)
Large Room w/ up to 11 people
(1 Hour Minimum)
$51/ hour + tax $58/ hour + tax
(Additional $5/hour charge for 12+ ppl)

We do not allow customer bring in alcohol to our facility. No exception.

All ages are welcome.
No alcohol is allowed in the room if anyone in your party is under 21 years old.
Due to alcohol service regulations: If anyone of your group is under 21, we can only accommodate parties up to 8 people after 11:00 pm. Please call for details.

An additional charge of $10 after-hour will be added after 3 am.
A fee of $20 or more will be charged for outside food or drink brought into and consumed at enKore.

VIP Membership
* All-You-Can-Sing (Sunday to Thursday except the day before a holiday) – $25 per person +tax for at least 2 hours
* Weekend Discount (Friday and Saturday) – 10% off room rental rate

Weekend rates apply on public holidays and the night before the holiday.

Rates are subject to change by enKore management.

Please Fill Out The Reservation Form Below

Please plan to arrive early. Due to limited space, we cannot guarantee the room is available. Please call us at 425-378-7777 if you are late.   Please call us at 425-378-7777 during store hour for any reservation time question. You should receive a confirmation email in a few hours. Please do not call us until business hour. 您会在几个小时内收到确认电邮。请不要在工作时间之前致电我们. 谢谢 After the reservation request is completed, you should receive a confirmation email in a few hours. Please check your junk mail folder